About Us

Seasoned US based retailers Joey Luna and Lee Imperial partnered with Philippine Interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario, and businessman Guillermo Nieva in June of 2011 to open SHELTER – an exciting home accessories and lifestyle store.

SHELTER prides itself in providing high-end American brands of transitional and contemporary furniture styles, coffee table books, home décor and accessories. It is our aim to offer a wide range of quality home products and furniture customization that fit the costumers’ particular tastes and lifestyle at different price points.

With partners traveling each month to and from North America to the Philippines, SHELTER’s goal is to provide the most up to date quality brand name furniture, home accessories and books from the United States, Canada and Italy at the best and lowest possible prices to the Asian market.From its well thought out product selection to its meticulously designed displays, SHELTER is total “retail theater” that engages the senses and tickles the imagination. Experience SHELTER and get inspired!

Photos from the launch of Shelter's first store in San Juan

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