Phermones by Christopher Marley

Christopher Marley, Urchin Mosaic in White Frame




Wall Decor

The Sea Urchin shell (also known as a “test”) reveals a five-fold symmetry not easily recognizable before its spines are removed.

This pentamerism links them genetically to brittle stars and starfish, but also becomes the subtle design element that draws the viewer in to closer observation.

"IN MY MIND, there is little separating art and life sciences. It is like trying to extricate dance from music. Art’s purpose is to heighten our aesthetic sensibilities, to sharpen our ability to experience beauty, to empathize with those life systems we come into contact with, to derive pleasure or stimulation from our interaction with arranged elements, in whole or in part. How does nature differ? We dance with it and within it. The aesthetics (or art) of nature is the rhythm we move to."
—Christopher Marley

Dimensions: 24"W x 30"H

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