Aquiesse Vanilla Orchid Reed Diffuser




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Enjoy the fresh floral and deep woody scents with its combination of sugary white florals and woody amber this is a sensual scent that is an aromatic delight.

This Perfume Reed Diffuser is vintage inspired with a modern flare lends a classic touch to any decor. Elegant smoke brown decanter with glass stopper ensures product longevity, while our uxury, alcohol-free fragrances quickly scent a large room without overpowering the senses. 9.5 ounces. 12 reed diffusers. 3-6 month lifespan.

Notes: Sugary White Floral & Sensual Woody Amber
9.5 fl.oz. / 280 ml / 3-6 months

Apocatherapy Oil Reed Diffuser Amber Woody Floral Vanilla Scent